Customize search Form

Hi All,

1. I need to change the text "Advanced Search (Item only)" on Search form -- when clicking the advance search button

which file should I change? I can't find it in theme/item/search-form.php or theme/search index.php.

2. I need to hide the 3 buttons on Advance Search page : "Browse All", "Browse by Tag" and "Search Item"
same question with above...which file can I modified?

Thanks guys, your help is much appreciated ;)


I got the no.2 -- I just commented out this line:
<?php echo public_nav_item(0; ?>

in theme/items/search.php

For the first one, that's in theme/search/search-form.php

It probably isn't already there in the theme you are using, but this guide to modifying themes will give an example of how to add what you need to the theme.

Thanks Patrick--got it ;)