customize quick filter


I am new to Omeka and I wonder whether there is a way to customize the Quick Filter options to implement some options for maintainance purposes (e.g. to find items that haven't been assigned to a collection)?


There's not really a good way to do that other than modifying the core code, which we generally advise against.

A fairly simple plugin could create a new admin page that filters items in different ways, though

Thank you!

Yes, changing the core code is really not the best idea, but I will consider your suggestion. Does anybody know where I can change the value for the displayed items in the back end (standard value is 10)?


To just change the number of items show, you can change that under Appearance->Settings

Gosh, right!

Thank you!

While it might count as modifying core (but it's a theme, so, does it?), what I've done in similar situations is created a custom admin theme with more columns (or more details) in the browse items view. Each column only takes two lines of code, and by sorting on that column it's easy to see when any particular field is empty.

However! For collections in particular, if you have access to the database, you can return items without collections quite easily using the following query:

SELECT * FROM omeka_items
WHERE collection_id IS NULL;