Customize "Advanced Search" text and h2 in Berlin theme

Just started with the Berlin theme(new to css) and have been able to customize everything to my liking except the "Advanced Search" language (and color) under the main search box.

It appears to be dictated by the general links element in the stylesheet. How can I make this one a unique tag, so that it appears as a lighter color when put against the dark header I've created?

The forum software seems to have removed some of the HTML you posted; remember to put snippets of code inside backticks (shift-tilde).

  • You can customize the text for the advanced search link by passing some text to the link_to_advanced_search helper. echo link_to_advanced_search('Different Text'); will output the same link but with different text.
  • The color for both the advanced search link and the links to item pages is coming from the CSS styles for the color of links, not the headings. If you want to change the color of those particular links only (ones inside headers), a style like h2 a (or h2 a:link, h2 a:visited, h2 a:active for different visited/active/hover colors, etc.)

Thanks, John.