Customize advanced search form

Is it possible to customize the advanced search form without changing Omeka's library code? We'd like to remove some of the options that won't make sense for our library and change the wording a little. It doesn't look like the search page can be modified through the theme.

Is there a good way to manipulate the search form?

You can add a file to your theme in the items directory called 'advanced-search.php' and it will replace the current page.

Ah. I had wondered about that, but I couldn't find anything in the docs that said it. That'll be perfect, thanks!

I'm wondering if this has changed with version 2.0?

I'm not a coder, just blundering through, but couldn't find advanced-search.php.

Many thanks!

It has changed. There are now two different searches -- one for all content (configurable under Settings -> Search) and one for more precise Item data.

The relevant files are, for items:

and for all content:

This guide to modifying theme files might also help

Many thanks for your speedy reply!

I'll take a look at the guide and the form.