Custom Template for different Item Types

Apologies if this has been asked before, I couldn't find anything specific.

Is it possible to create a different template based on the item type?

Would it work similar to how custom templates are created in Wordpress with a different php template for each item type or would each template be contained within items/show.php?

I'm not a great php developer but understand code, just not great at writing it.

Any advice or or demo code from anyone who has already implemented something similar would be appreciated.

Again, apologies if it has been asked before, if it has just post the link to the post and I'll follow up there.

Thanks, Patrick.

Got it sorted.

In item/show.php I have created a series of IF statements to query a variable set by the item type $itemtype = metadata('item', 'item_type_name');

Then just defined the template for each different item type.

Fairly straight forward for many but as a novice php programmer I'm quite proud of my achievement.