Custom nav tweaking in themse

I'm trying to do a bit of tweaking using the Rhythm theme. It has a config option to set custom navigation links for the header area and that works perfectly.

But I can't find an easy way to now make the footer navigation match my header customization.

Is there a config item for this that I'm missing? Do I have to tweak one of the php files perhaps? (If so I haven't found the right one yet).

Basically my customization of the moment is just to suppress the display of the "Browse Items" option.

Thanks for any pointers.

Bobb Menk
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

Hi Bobb,

If an Omeka theme doesn't include a certain template file, it uses the one found in application/views/scripts. In your case, Rhythm doesn't contain a footer file in rhythm/common/footer.php, so it's using the one in the Omeka core.

You can remedy this by copying application/views/scripts/common/footer.php file to Rhythm's common directory, then edit that file to customize the navigation however you'd like. For your specific goal, to have the navigation in the header match the footer, you could change the following line in footer.php:

<?php echo public_nav_main(array('Home' => uri(''), 'Browse Items' => uri('items'), 'Browse Collections'=>uri('collections'))); ?>


<?php echo custom_public_nav_header(); ?>

This will put your custom navigation in your footer just as it does in your header.

Perfect - that did exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Bobb Menk