Custom exhibit summary page (maybe)

One of our interns built a fantastic exhibit, but she used a separate instance of Omeka to build it and made a lot of customizations to the platform that I'm now trying to implement in our existing site without messing up the content we already have.

The problem I'm running into is that I think I need to add conditional formatting to the Exhibit Builder summary.php file based on which theme is being used, but I'm not particularly skilled at PHP. Is there an existing EB function I can plug into an if/else statement to achieve that?

Or am I doing this the hard way? Would it be better to leave the summary page code alone and create a custom exhibit page with the desired layout instead?

Each theme can have a totally different summary.php file that will get used when that theme is being used for an exhibit. So, no need to put conditionals in ExhibitBuilder's summary.php.

If you have a summary.php in your theme at the path your-theme/exhibit-builder/exhibits/summary.php, that will get used by the plugin instead of the "normal" one. You can copy the built-in summary.php into your theme as a starter.

Okay, I've got the theme-specific summary.php in place. Thanks.

Now if I can just get the reason for the custom view -- an embedded AnythingSlider widget -- to display properly. Back into the code I go.