Custom CSS

I have a problem with some plugins, insofar as they all tend to put a title above their output, usually in an h2 tag, which generally is superfluous to my requirement. I know that I can go into the plugin, find where the tag is generated and comment it out, but a simpler and more robust method would be to apply a little custom CSS to render it invisible. I can, for example, do this in Wordpress very easily. But doesn't seem to be any method of creating an over-arching CSS file for Omeka. Is there a way of doing it?

Right now, there best way to do something like that is probably to create a CSS file with your overrides and add it to your theme's css directory. Then, in your theme's common/header.php file, before this line

echo head_css();

add something like this to queue up your CSS


More about queue_css_file

Thank you! That's worked a treat :)