Custom Berlin Homepage

I'd like to create a custom homepage in Berlin. I'm currently using Omeka 1.5.1 (planning on upgrading over winter break).

On the homepage, I'd like to replace the div on the left with text, keep the div on the right as a featured item, and add a div below featured item with a tag cloud like the one in "browse by tag" under "browse items".

Any guidance would be much appreciated.
with thanks,

I use a simple page for my home page, that has different CSS from the rest of the site. The <body> tag of your simple page has an id that's unique to that page, so you can target your styling accordingly.


Thanks for the quick reply. I'm afraid I need a little bit more guidance.

In specific, can you tell me where the code for the original homepage is so that I can keep the "featured item" div? I also need to know where the code for the tag cloud under the "browse by tag" is.

When I've worked with simple pages in the past, I only see a box for entering straight up text. What folder are the simple pages kept in, so that I can open up the page and work with the code?

Thanks so much for your time and help!

The file with the code for the homepage is index.php at the top level of the theme's directory. Moving the divs around there should get what you need.

The tag cloud is generated with this code (taken from application/views/scripts/items/tags.php:

<?php echo tag_cloud($tags, 'items/browse'); ?>

Thanks so much for the help! I didn't have index.php under my Berlin theme folder, but I copied it from the default folder under themes into the root of Berlin, and was able to make changes from there. For anyone who is interested, I used this ( to make a tag cloud.

Thanks again, Karen

I use HTML and CSS for building webpages,I am more familiar to HTML.