"Current" nav Problem

I have a primary nav (a set of tabs at the top of the page) and I have a secondary set of navs on a left column menu.

I need both navs to show a current status but I can only get one at a time to do so.

Take a look at an example: http://americanartinvites.com/omeka/explore/artworks

The slug on this page is explore/artworks and when you view the page the Explore tab is white (current). That's the way I want it.

But I also want the menu item "Artworks" to be current too (in this case it should be red (see http://americanartinvites.com/omeka/explore as an example of both the primary and the secondary navs showing current.

Here's my problem: the explore/artworks page shows a current Explore tab because the slug is explore/artworks. If I change the slug to just "artworks" (and create a style for the current artwork menu item) it will be red as it should be BUT the Explore tab will no longer be white (current).

It has to do with the way the slug is written. And it seems in my present setup I can't have both be current.

Can you help me figure out a way to do this?

If you look at the markup of the page you linked to, Omeka is actually setting the "current" class on both your primary and secondary nav items.

The problem you're seeing is caused by the CSS you're using to make those left-side links red.

You probably want to replace your body-id-specific styles with one style like

#left .current a: {color: #d60000;}

Will try that. Thanks!

John, I just realized something. I have five different sections of the site that are all color coded in the design (and the links on the left nav). So using #left .current a: {color: #d60000;} would make every current left link in *every* section the same color. I need to make the current link the color of each particular section. Make sense?

You have a couple of things going on. First off your styles aren't properly targeting the body id. You'll notice each of your pages in a section actually have a different body id, so simply using something like #explore will only work once.

It's unclear to me how you are generating the secondary navigation. Can you paste an example of your code?

Yes, I definitely have a lot going on. -g Until I ran into this problem I didn't fully understand how Omeka organizes the site architecture. Of course, I'm used to directories and subdirectories. I can get the primary nav current to work with other pages within a section by name the slug "explore/artworks" (the main page of explore would have the slug "explore").

Here is an example of the code for the left nav from one section of the site:

<div id="left">

	<?php echo nav(array('Introduction' => uri('explore'), 'Artworks'=>uri('explore/artworks'), 'Artists' => uri('explore/artists'), 'Timeline' => uri('timeline'))); ?>

I'm open to any styling strategy that will allow me to have a current nav in both the primary and secondary navigation (the nav on the left).