Curious Behaviour of 'Collections'

If a user selects a 'Collection' (say Collection 'XXXX') by its Title or Thumbnail then a first page of Items making up that collection are displayed and at the top the user can click on 'Items in the XXXX Collection' to view ALL items in the collection, not just the first page.

If however the user clicks not on the Collection Title or Thumbnail but on 'View the items in XXXX' then all of the items in that Collection can be accessed, page by page.

The problem is that an inexperienced or new or casual user will not know or appreciate this subtle but very important difference and such a user is very likely to click on the Title and think that only those items displayed make up the entire collection.

I can think of no good reason for these two different behaviours which seem deeply unhelpful.

I agree that this is rather misleading. At the very least, having page numbers at the bottom of the Title/Thumbnail link would make it clear that there were more items in the offing.


Thank you for your response.

Surely the best thing to do would be to have clicking on the thumbnail / title do the same as clicking on the 'view the items in ...'. So that all three ways of going into the collection have the same outcome?


martin Wyatt

Definitely agree that all 3 ways of going into the collection should have the same outcome, and that this should be the priority fix.

But if there is more than one page of items, it is standard practice to display page navigation links.