CSV/XML Import Error

I'm trying to upload my collection via XML import. I'm getting the following error. Is this a setting that I can adjust in Omeka or is the problem with my server?

Could not transfer the file from "http://path/to/my/files/file.aif" to "/tmp/file.aif": Read timed out after 10 seconds

Which plugin is this?

The error sounds like it could be caused by a bad connection to the server the sound file is stored on, but I suppose it's possible that there's only 10 seconds allotted for downloading each file, so a large file could be problematic.

Those are just somewhat random guesses, though.

I have a problem with the same plugin (XML Import). I used to do the imports via this plugin and it worked really well. But lately, when I try to import my items, I get an error message 'Error parsing XML document'

Could someone help with this please?