Omeka 2.0
I am new to Omeka
the plugins page tell me that CsvImport is not a valid plugin (Ce n'est pas une extension valide) we have a french version.
I know an old version was installed. So I uploaded the new CsvImport 2.0.2 via ftp
but there is still no button beside the CsvImport item (install or Activate)
what should I do?
thank you

Sometimes file permissions can get changed when files are transferred to the server. I'd double-check that the plugin folder and all the files can be read by the server.

the permissions were
read for everybody
write for owner
execute for nobody
I have change that to
-rwxrwxrwx 0777
read, write execute for everybody
same problem
by the way, COinS, Dropbox and Exhibit Builder are recognized extensions and have the same permissions:
read for everybody
write for owner
execute for nobody
my mac tell me that the php files have the same status after downloaded from you site and before uploaded
any idea?

Did you delete all of the old files before uploading the new ones?

I think so: I deleted the CsvImport directory

Your last question made me doubt:
I decided to reinstall the CsvImport but
i'm unable to delete the directory (via classicFTP)
Error: unable to delete directory "CsvImport".
and there is no uninstall button beside the plugin
what I probably did was replace the plugin and not remove and then upload.
how do I uninstall that.