CsvImport wish: remembering field mappings for a CSV filename

A feature request which might get part of the way towards the "Re-Import CSV file" feature on the Needed Features list: It sure would be nice if CsvImport could remember the field mappings I've used for a given csv file in the past.

Use case: I import foo.csv, map 20 fields in it, and then discover a bug in my data. I undo the import, edit my CSV file, and prepare to import the edited CSV. When Omeka sees that I'm importing a filename that there's still an entry in the import log about, it should set the default field mappings to what I used the last time I imported foo.csv. (Of course, if I want to change the mappings for the re-import, I should be able to.)

You're right, the feature you're talking about is basically a first step toward re-importable CSV files, and would be useful on its own. It's definitely on our radar for the future of CSV Import.

Thanks for bringing this up; feature requests are always welcome.