CsvImport: replacing DDL for 'Select Collection' with text box with autosuggest

First of all thank you for the CsVImport plugin, we are using it in one of our project, it works great.

Only one small problem. We have around 200 collections, so the dropdown list for choosing the collection become a quite a bit of challenging to work with.

So we try to replace the DDL with a text box, but would like to include the 'auto suggest' with all the values retrieve from the database.

so far I have something like:
$this->AddElement('text', 'collection_id', array('label' => __('Select Collection'), 'autoComplete' => $collections)); //$collections -- values from db

But the auto complete is wrong. I tried using JS but that didn't go well too. How to properly adding 'auto suggest' with the values from the db in this case? Any suggestions/pointer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot for your help.


It's likely easier to try something like Chosen that would work entirely in Javascript to replace the dropdown with one that allows text input.

Thanks John..I'll give it a try.