CSVImport and Sort Order

For my site, I consistently apply "?sort_field=Dublin Core, Title" to all browse displays, including search results, items from a single collection, and, or course, the list of all items. The database has been built from a number of CSV files assembled from a variety of sources. The files all appear to load correctly, but the last file loaded sometimes (not all of the time) produces items that won't sort correctly. This does not appear to have anything to do with the file contents. For instance, if I undo the import of an early file (that does sort correctly) and reprocess exactly the same file (so that it is now the last file processed), it does not always sort correctly the second time I load it.

Has anyone else encountered something like this? I think I am running the latest version of the plugin (1.3.3) with Omeka 1.5.1.

Interesting. Not entirely sure where to start with this one!

Could you give more details about what is wrong with the sort? E.g., do records from the last import get sorted wrongly throughout the entire list, or do they all just show up together in the wrong place? Or something else?

Also, when you look at the show page for items that are showing up in the wrong place, does the title appear as expected?

In my scheme, each CSV import belongs to a single collection. When the import messes up, then looking at the items for that collection sorted by title (i.e. browse?collection=n&sort_field=Dublin Core,Title) shows the items exactly as I would expect with all metadata including the title correct except they appear to be in some random order, not even by item id (as you would expect without the sort_field qualifier).

If I look at other collections, they browse in the expected order. If I do a search that finds items from multiple collections, the items from the collection that isn't sorting correctly appear at random places in the result, although the items from all of the other collections seem to be in order relative to each other. In other words, it's only the items in the one import file that don't sort correctly; other items already in the database don't get disturbed in any way that I can see.

Yesterday, I took an import file that messed up, undid it, cleared the import history for that file, immediately reprocessed the same file, and it worked the second time.


Since I am new at this, can you describe in more detail your coding language for the Dublin Core Date sort and where it should be placed?