CsvImport and Neatline

I'm using Omeka 2.1.2, CsvImport 2.0.1, and Neatline 2.1.1.

I can get the batch import to work, add to collections and exhibitions, then import it to Neatline. However, I can't get the location to display on the map. I can add them manually, but I have thousands of entries. Is there a specific name or column I should use so that Neatline can read and apply the map coordinates? Or does someone have a test .csv I can download?

I've gotten as far as converting the address to lat/long; and from that, to POINT in metric coordinates. Neatline can read all the info from CsvImport except the map coordinates.

Hi mc,

Yeah, with current versions of Neatline this only works if the coverage elements on the Omeka items were created with the NeatlineFeatures plugin. However, we've actually added exactly the functionality you're talking about - pulling in raw, plain-text values from the Dublin Core "Coverage" field. This feature will get pushed out with the 2.2 release, due out in the first couple weeks of the new year.

Happy holidays!

Thanks for the answer David!
You guys are doing an awesome job. I'm new to Omeka and the amount of work you guys put into it, and supporting this and other projects (and plugins!) are amazing.