csv plugin question

Hello. I am trying to understand how the csv import works before I import multiple files. I have inherited an Omeka project and previous files to the archive have been added using the dropbox plugin and metadata was applied using the Omeka admin dashboard. I'd like to use the csv import plugin to create items, metadata and attach files to these items in one spreadsheet. I've created a filename field in my csv file with a URL to the files I'd like to archive . I've placed the files in the archive/files folder so the URL reads server/omeka-1.5/archive/files/filename.doc. After a csv import, I notice that new files are created in the archive/files folder with series on numbers and letters for file names. Is the csvimport plugin renaming the files? Does this mean the files are in the archive twice? Should I delete the original files that I placed in the archive/files folder to control the space on the server? Should I instead of using archive/files folder in the URL, place the files somewhere else on the server?
Hope these questions make sense -thanks for your help.

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

More helpfully --

When CsvImport brings in the files, Omeka always creates a new filename to prevent getting duplicate names.

The files are in the archive folder twice, but Omeka doesn't really know about the original files, it only knows about the ones that it renamed when it imported them.

That means that you probably should delete the original files.

As far as the import goes, it doesn't really matter where the original files are, as long as they are accessible on the web. Putting them someplace other than the archive directory will make it easier to delete them after Omeka has imported them, though.

Hope that helps. And, if the plugins and theme you are using have been updated for Omeka 2.0, I'd recommend doing that update (making sure to back up the files and the database, of course)