CSV Import=>how to map/associate element name to filename in csv

I created a spreadsheet with the following fields:
Filename (example:

The using the csv file importer, I uploaded the file mapping "Columns To Elements, Tags, or Files"

Question how do I map an entry in the column filename to element in importer?

For example, one of my file names is:

what should filename in csv mapped to?

You will have to create a new element field called "filename" for that specific item type if you want to map it as a piece of metatdata. See here: http://omeka.org/codex/Managing_Item_Types

I do not understand. The files I am importing are jpg still images so the item type can be defined. So should I add item type to my csv and map that to the DC element? But what element do I map the URL to?

Thank you.

Ok, if you want to import the file through the URL, you can list all of the URLs in one column in your CSV. Then, in the CSV import interface when you're mapping your fields, click the file box but don't map the URL to a specific element field.

You don't need to add item type to your CSV file, because the plugin page already asks you to choose the type.

Thanks, Sheila.

I think I am getting closer. I used the checkbox file and received the following errors:

2009-11-19 08:37:25 3.csv 2 / 2 Import Error: Invalid File Download

URL is not readable or does not exist:

I copy each URL to the browser and get the following message:

Multiple Choices

The document name you requested (/omeka/images/3.jpg) could not be found on this server. However, we found documents with names similar to the one you requested.
Available documents:

/omeka/images/2.jpg (mistyped character)
/omeka/images/1.jpg (mistyped character)

However, I return to my spreadsheet and copy each URL to the browser and able to 'download' the image.

Any ideas?

Again, thank you.