CSV Import with Files : Import Error

I simply import a csv file with a column that contains http links to images (publicly available).

The import say "import error". The first row is imported till the column "image" that contains the url to the file. The further rows are no more imported. It stops at the first link to image. The import status says "0 import, 0 skipped rows, 0 skipped items, import error".
I tried to put quotes around the URL field, and to take them away.

Import without this column works well.

There is no Error log (I activated the logging).

The pictures are very small so that it can not be a server ressource problem.

The complete folder "files" has chmod rights to 777.

Here my csv file : http://omeka.militant.ch/files/original/peintures.csv

Here my omeka : http://omeka.militant.ch

I read lots of topics, but found no solution. It is no understandable. Pleaeaease help me !!!!

it's maybe a problem of ImageMagick...

Could you tell us which version of Omeka you are using?

Edit: And what plugins you have installed?

Sorry for the long time to respond but Thanks a lot for your answer !

I use Omeka 2.0.3 and only the CSV Import plug-in.

It'x maybe a problem of ImageMagick because there's a problem there. The Path given for ImageMagick in the settings seems to be OK but a general error occurs, without more infos... very strange. Please look at my other ticket :

I want to mention that if CSV Import encounters a 404 Error from a URL in the files list, it stops with an Import Error. This can be caused by a badly formed URL, which in my case was a URL being truncated by MySQL (there is a limitation on the length of group_concat, which I was using to string together the image locations).

Thanks but not the problem by me, I tested the url copied in the csv in the browser, it's found.

Like I said, I think the problem is the ImageMagick. I actually can't upload images by hand because of the error explained.

Has someone had the same problem with ImageMagick ?