CSV import with Excel File


I'm attempting to import this data with the CSV import plugin 2.0.2 The header columns are Date Title URL Description as below. I'm creating the import file in Excel 2010 and saving it as a CSV file. I keep getting the message Import Settings Expired The Omeka version I'm using is 2.1.4 I successfully imported just the Date, Title and URL Is there a better spreadsheet program that I could use for creating csv files for import and is there anything I can do to stop getting the Import Settings Expired message?

April 7 1875

Annenus Duabus Mortenson


Maragrets father Annenus Duabus Mortenson A. D. was born April 7 1875.He started working very early to support the family because his father was preoccupied by his inventions and travels. A.D. may have not finished high school but he was an omnivorous reader, always hungry for knowledge. He was active in the First Methodist Church which is where he met Adelle. 

One thing that often bites people with the CSV Importer is issues with encoding. Excel only produces files in the OS's "native" encoding, which is often Western or IS0 8859-1 (or sometimes MacRoman on Macs). Omeka and the CSV Importer, on the other hand, expect UTF-8. This generally only becomes a problem when "special" characters are being used in the file, though.

Google Sheets and LibreOffice/OpenOffice will both produce UTF-8 CSV files and/or allow you to pick the encoding you use.


Thanks! Open office with UTF-8 encoding is working really well with the CSV importer in Omeka. I am also able to use special characters which is very helpful.