CSV Import transcription

I initially wanted to add transcription directly into the .csv file, but since the transcriptions themselves use various quotation marks, commas, and semicolons, I thought the best alternative was to direct it to a .txt file.

Is it difficult to add a code in show.php (or similar), to display the content of the transcription files? I got as far as pointing it to the url.

If you are on the current version of Omeka and CSV Import, have you tried changing the delimiter? There's an input on the form for changing the delimiter to whatever you want. Something like | might let you still use CSV Importer. That might be nice, since it would let the transcription come in as data that's available to search, and would make it display the usual way in Omeka.

If that doesn't work, then using the separate file and something like this would probably work:

echo file_get_contents($url);

I know this is a little late, but thanks for all your help. We wanted to avoid adding the transcription to the .csv file because it would get messy and risk corruption, since we're OCR'ing a lot of text (it would sometimes give us random characters) and we can't check all of the transcriptions.

We edited show.php with this code:

<?php echo file_get_contents(metadata('item',array('Item Type Metadata', 'Transcription')));?>