csv import / stuck "in progress"

Dear Omeka community,

I have just started using omega as a tool to display museum collections. I have been very satisfied using it and getting to know to the code.

I have been able to fix all problems so far by my self thanks to the forum, but now it seems that I have encountered a problem where I think some help is necessary.

I have been able to use csv import plug nicely for small amouth of data, but when trying to import more than 120-150 items the import progress just jams. The status remains "In progress" even overnight. The items that have been already imported are fine exept the last one where import progers stops (doesn´t have anything to do with csv line, all the lines where importing jams work separately when using csv import on them.). Anyone else ever experinced this kind of problems.

Is this some kind of server problem? Could it be so that my server has some kind of "time out" system? I am running my test server in Europe, they provide a Cpanel control.


Having the lates csv plugin installed and Omeka version is 2.2.1.

It's possible that some process is timing out. If you don't have a huge number of items, it might work to break the CSV file into smaller chunks and upload them separately.

Thanks for reply!

I hope I´ll find a solution for this. Gonna try with other server soon and if someone else will encounter this kind of problem they can find answer here later.

Yes, no problems feeding 80-100 lines and since the collection is only about 6000 items so amounth of work is quite decent.

I've found things to upload much, much faster if I divvy them up into chunks. For some reason, it can take a minute or more to import each item, but I can have 10+ concurrent imports without slowing anything down.