CSV Import Problem with Omeka 1.1


I am, very unfortunately, having trouble with the CSV import plugin again after upgrading to 1.1. The import status is frozen.

I had everything working perfect but when I followed the upgrade instructions on the site, I got all kings of errors—for instance, you don't mention the need to transfer a theme if you customized. Then, the user login page would not load ("no file at http://wired.uoregon.edu/gendhist/admin/users/login") and I was forced to reinstall omeka, and even a create a new database. :( I had customized the login page but I only altered the css so I have no idea why these errors occurred.

This was all very annoying but then, when I did finally get things back up, the CSV plugin choked on me.

Please tell me that this is a known issue. And, hopefully there is an easy fix. Not even the test file imports correctly. And my settings are exactly the same as before.

Please help.


Well, I did all that—since we are still just starting it

Just to note: it seems like once the CSV import plugin has a problem, there is no way to like "reset it". No further changes seem to work. Why is this such a problem?

This is incredibly embarrassing: I used "1GB" instead of "1G" and that was the problem. Doooooh!

Sorry! But I still did have tons of trouble with the upgrade and would really appreciate better documentation on upgrading because we plan to customize significantly.



Glad you got it working, Jamil! We'll look into adding validation to that field to prevent this kind of error.