csv import multiple files


Whenever I use the CSV import plugin to load items with more than one file associated with them, I get an import error.

I have tried putting each image URL into a separate column, but this has not worked either.

In the end, I always remove all but one URL and then add the others by editing the item record after the import.

I am using v.1.1.


What is the import error you are getting?

I tried specifying multiple files and it worked.

I used a CSV file like this:

id, url1, url2
dogs, http://somesite1.com/dog1.jpg, http://somesite2.com/dog2.jpg
cats, http://somesite3.com/cat1.jpg, http://somesite4.com/cat2.jpg

Can you send me a small sample of your CSV file?

Perhaps you have a bad URL.

Let me know if this helps.