CSV import - Log

I'm using Omeka Version 1.5.3 with the CSV Import plugin version 1.3.4.

I've imported successfully 128 items but it skipped just 1. I want to see which is that item to check what's wrong with it. Where can I find it? Is there any kind of log?


There _might_ be info in application/logs/errors.log, but I don't know off the top of my head how detailed the info might be.


I have been having problems myself with the CSV import, I have been solving them but sometimes it would be easier if I had some more information about the error.

I have looked into that log file after having some error importing but it was empty.

Is there any other log file where it is possible to look for errors?




That log is empty for me too... I had to check file by file to see which one was wrong.

Nobody has any information on this?

Thanks again.


The CSV Importer should log information about failed files/items to the normal Omeka error log.

This requires that you have error logging enabled in your application/config/config.ini file, and for the error log at application/logs/errors.log to be server-writable.

With logging enabled, errors that cause an item to be skipped should be logged. In the case of a bad URL to a file, probably the most common error, the offending URL will be logged.