CSV Import Locally Stored Files

I'd like to import files using the CSV plugin, however, I'd like to import locally stored files. The information that I found states that files need to be stored online, and that it's not possible to import locally stored files. Has anyone found a way to import locally stored files?

It looks as though, while not ideal, a workaround is to store files in a dropbox account, and to use the dropbox plugin.

Thanks! Any input is appreciated.

Note that the Dropbox plugin isn't related to Dropbox the service, it simply creates a (lowercase) dropbox folder where you can dump files on your server and upload them into Omeka; there are no accounts involved.

There's been a few preliminary ideas about allowing the CsvImport plugin to pick up local files (possibly from the Dropbox), but they're not a reality as of now. You can use Dropbox itself to bulk-add files, but you can't do much setting of other metadata.

Ah. Since we have significant metadata that we want to import along with the files, we are thinking of using the Dropbox plug-in to get them all on the Omeka server, then referencing the filepaths with the CsvImport plug-in to import the files along with our metadata.

We don't see a use for Dropbox beyond getting the files up on the server, since bulk-adding files without metadata is not our desired outcome. Just want to make sure we aren't missing something!

(And when I say that we want to reference the filepaths using CsvImport, I mean files that live online, on the Omeka server, not just locally on our machine.)