CSV Import: local file path

I'm working on a bulk import of files to Omeka using CSV Import, but I'd like to have control over the file names. From what I can tell, the Omeka 1.2.1 library code used by the CSV Import has an option to specify the file name, but the CSV Import code does not provide the parameter specifying the file name (let alone capture this information from the user).

Is this in fact the case?

Also, for locally imported files, do I need to provide the absolute path? Is there someplace other than '/' where I can drop the files to have their names preserved?

Is there any other way to import a large number of files in bulk, allowing me to control the file names? I'm okay with the minor name mangling that happens when files are converted to thumbnails or jpegs, but the long url paths obscure the naming scheme.

Mark (and whoever)
I have essentially the same question. We have an very usable unique file naming convention for our content but it gets destroyed during CSV upload. I can see the folder where the upload is going and could easily put files in there, but the CSV upload automatically creates another copy and renames them to something totally unaccessable. Is there another way to get that gets the desired result?