CSV import for v 2.0 "Import settings expired. Please try again."

Hi, I'm new to Omeka - just installed v2 last week, then the CSV import yesterday. I have tried importing a file with info about people and I get this message "Import settings expired. Please try again."

Automap: off
Item: Person
Collection: People

All the other options set to defaults.

Have you tried using any other browsers? We've had some reports of similar problems, and users have had success using Firefox instead of Chrome.

I get the same behaviour on Safari and Firefox (on Mac OSX 10.7.5).

Why is there something to 'expire' on a straight HTTP post?

I should add, original error was using Chrome,

The CSV Importer stores the data about your import settings in a PHP session.

That's the "expiration" the plugin is mentioning, the session data it's expecting wasn't there.

Thanks John, I don't understand why it would be expecting any settings to be there when I first post the form.

Can you suggest a fix for this? Ct the moment I can't do anything with the application until I can import some data.

In our previous experience with this problem, it seems to crop up for CSV files that contain special characters that aren't in an encoding the server's expecting. Omeka generally deals with and expects UTF-8 input.

That being said, this has proven to be a very difficult problem to reproduce: it seems to be some intersection of server settings, the particulars of the CSV file, and possibly the browser being used. (None of which obviously should bear on the persistence of the session.)

I had this problem too. Switching to FireFox worked for me (although today I imported with Chrome?)

A suggestion is to try saving your CSV files in different formats. I know Excel gives three. Also, I read on another forum that saving it in Google Doc worked for them.

Sorry I can't help more.

I'm having the same problem.

Tried Firefox and Chrome. I'm loading using UTF8.
I've tried to change my line breaks from MAC, to UNIX, to Windows. All to no avail.

I'm at a stalemate.

Are you certain the CSV file was saved as UTF-8?

Excel in particular doesn't like to save files in that encoding, and also isn't generally good at informing you what encoding it is using.

Both Google Docs and OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc are better at giving you the option of saving with UTF-8 encoding.

I've had the problem of getting the error message "Import settings expired. Please try again" while importing CSVs for some time now. I've tried to race against time, which sometimes works but usually doesn't.

I switched from Chrome to Firefox, and that seems to have fixed the problem. I'm sure that the files are UTF-8, since I download them from Google Docs, then edit them in a text editor.

This is a known issue that we're still grappling with.

If you can post a link to the file, that might help us track it down.


Here is the CSV file that I was importing.

For good measure, here is the Omeka system information:

Browser Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/28.0.1500.71 Safari/537.36
Role super
Omeka 2.0.3
PHP 5.2.17 (cgi)
OS Linux 2.6.32-379.22.1.lve1.2.17.1.el6.x86_64 x86_64
MySQL Server 5.1.70
MySQL Client 5.1.70
PHP Extensions
Regular bcmath, calendar, cgi, ctype, curl, date, dom, eAccelerator, filter, ftp, gd, gettext, hash, iconv, imagick, imap, ionCube Loader, json, libxml, mbstring, mcrypt, mysql, mysqli, openssl, pcre, PDO, pdo_mysql, pdo_sqlite, posix, pspell, Reflection, session, SimpleXML, snmp, soap, sockets, SPL, SQLite, standard, suhosin, timezonedb, tokenizer, xml, xmlreader, xmlrpc, xmlwriter, xsl, Zend Optimizer, zip, zlib
Zend the ionCube PHP Loader, Zend Optimizer
AddItemLink 0.1
CatalogSearch 1.0.3
Coins 2.0.1
CsvImport 2.0
EditLink 1.0
Geolocation 2.0 (inactive)
HonorThyContributors 0.1.1
LcSuggest 2.0
SearchByMetadata 1.1
SimplePages 2.0.1
SimpleVocab 2.0
American Converts 2.0.2 (current)
Berlin 2.0
Seasons 2.1.1
Thanks, Roy 2.0.2

And here is the Chrome (actual Google Chrome, not Chromium) version:

Version 28.0.1500.71 on Ubuntu 13.04

I'm having this problem, too. I've tried it with the auto-mapping on and off and on Firefox and Chrome.

I'm having the problem as well. I tried Firefox, Chrome and Safari but no joy. Any updates?

Just in case anyone else comes across this problem [and this page] here's what worked for me.

I had an Excel .xlsx which contains a number of names in Irish. (Lots of á, Ó etc). Within excel saving the .xslx to a .csv usually gave me something Omeka would upload. This time however it caused problems.

Opening the .xslx in LibreOffice Calc and saving to .csv gives you the option to choose encoding. I went for UTF-8, as mentioned above. The resulting .csv uploaded without any issues.

I got this message in both Chrome and Firefox. I followed up the mention (above) that Omeka expects UTF-8 encoding.

I saved the original CSV in Excel 2013. I opened it in Notepad, which indicated that the CSV used ANSI encoding. I changed it to UTF-8 in Notepad, saved the file (still in Notepad)with the new encoding.

The resultant CSV loaded fine, and in Chrome at that!

SUGGESTION TO OMEKA: Maybe change the message to read "ERROR: To load, CSV must use UTF-8 encoding".

You do need to use UTF-8 for Omeka to import the data successfully.

This particular error is actually not directly related to the encoding, but it's instead an overlap between that and CSV Import's use of sessions: basically if you give us a non-UTF-8 file, it can interfere with CSV Import trying to temporarily save information about the file you're importing, and you get that confusing message.

That should no longer be the case with current versions of Omeka (2.3.1 or newer), as we fixed the underlying session problem.