CSV Import for Omeka 2.0?

I recently upgraded to Omeka 2.0, and I was disappointed to find that the CSV Import plugin is not available for this version of Omeka. Is this plugin in the works for Omeka 2.0? If so, when might it be available?

Yep! CsvImport is in our top priority list for plugins to update for 2.x. We're just starting internal testing on it now. My best guess (mind you, a guess) is that it'll be ready within a month.

It is in the works. We don't have a specific release date, but you should see it within the next few weeks.

Fantastic! Thank you for the quick response!

This is good news. I have been waiting to batch upload all of my items with the CSV importer, and was worried it might be months!

It is now available: http://omeka.org/add-ons/plugins/csv-import/