CSV Import - File paths accepted

From some previous threads, I just want to confirm that URLs are the only file paths that work with the CSV Import plugin. The path to files not located on the Web but on a computer or server will not work with the current version of the CSV Import plugin correct? With this being said, is there any development with the CSV Import plugin addressing this?

Right, the files need to be accessible on the web someplace at a URL. Omeka (or any other web application) can't see files that aren't available on the web, so there's not really anything we can do to change that behavior.

So there is no way to bulk upload images (for instance) into my site? I need to upload to a third party and then import from there via csv import?

Or, alternatively, upload images one at a time from localhost.

Or am I missing the bulk item import plugin?


Only urls are accepted with CsvImport for security reasons. My fork https://github.com/Daniel-KM/CsvImport accepts local paths too.


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management

Personally, I add all of the files I want to import to omeka-directory/files/imports, and then use my development URL with CSV import (it doesn't have to be a public URL, just accessible by Omeka). That directory is excluded when the sites are pushed to production.

Hi Sheepeeh,

I would also like to batch upload images and then get the URLs to include in a .csv file.

Please tell me what the file path would be if I am using a live installation?