CSV Import File not importing

I am trying to import my photo files with the metadata using the CSV Import plugin. When I go through the process, I get to the page where you map the fields and my photo file appears on the page. I can also view the file when I insert the url into a browser window. But when the item imports, it says that the file url is unreadable or does not exist. Not sure what's going on here.

Is the URL publicly accessible?

It's possible to create a URL that you can get to from your own browser, but your Omeka server, located elsewhere, cannot.

We just upgraded to 1.4 and the CSV quit working for us. I can go through the entire process to import but nothing happens. The status shows that 40 items are being imported, but even after several days nothing has happened. There is no error message. Files being imported are in the same directory that we have been using in the past.

We downloaded the latest plug-in, but I noticed that it is only tested through 1.3.

John - I can access the files from url on multiple computers in multiple locations that are not connected to the server, so I don't think that is the issue.

libcoutu - Thanks, but I am not using the new version. When I run the import, it does import all of the metadata and create a new item, it just does not import the files.

Does the CSV Import work with Omeka 1.4? If it doesn't, I need to rethink the projects my students are working on.

It's easier for everyone, I think, when each topic on the forums deals with one specific problem. Our forum software doesn't really allow us to split topics, so please try to make sure that posts really belong together, or create a new topic.

That being said, I'll try to respond to both of you here.

ad0820: Can you share what the URLs look like (or one of the actual URLs)? Browsers will happily interpret some URLs that CSV Import needs a little help with.

libcoutu: The existing CSV Import plugin should work fine with 1.4, even though it was built against Omeka 1.3. It's tough to figure out exactly is going wrong with your case, since you say there's no error message. Are you able to add Items and Files through the normal web interface?

John, Sorry for the confusion.

Yes I can upload files manually. We have two Omeka installations for various projects and I found out this morning that CSV does work in one installation, but not the other. Both are Omeka 1.4.


An example url: <img src="http://icfa.doaks.org/collections/images/ICFA.NA.0001.jpg"/>

Thanks for your prompt attention to this issue. I just find it strange the the CSV import plugin is able to interpret and display the image on the mapping field pages, but won't import them.


A-ha. I was wondering what you meant when you said the CSV Import plugin was "displaying" your images on the mapping page, and then I realized, you posted your "URL" as a HTML img tag.

That's the problem. Omeka needs those URLs to be bare, the only thing in the column. Instead, your URLs should look like:



Okay, the info that one installation works but the other doesn't is helpful.

Are these installations on the same server or machine? Do they have the same configuration (in particular, application/config/config.ini has a setting for the path to the PHP binary that should be the same between the two if they're on the same machine).

Both installations are on the same machine.

I checked the config files and both have the same path.

It will let me go through the motions of doing an import and even gives me a message saying congratulations the import has started.

CSV Import has worked on this site in the past and to the best of my knowledge the only thing done to the site is to upgrade to Omeka 1.4 and upgrade the CSV Import.

I'm copying a backup of the site to compare with the current site, so maybe I'll find something over the weekend.