CSV Import Fields Truncating

The file I am uploading has a field for the interviewee name (last name, first name) and the title (Interview with first name last name). The title is created in Excel by splitting the name column and using the concatenate function to rearrange the elements.

Every time I upload a spreadsheet any interviewee name beginning with the letters A-F is truncated in both the interviewee name field and the title field. For example:


Interview with

I have looked at the spreadsheets in a text editor and there is absolutely nothing that would cause this to happen. We are uploading thousands of records and it creates a lot of extra work having to go back in and correct the truncations.

Any suggestions on what could be causing this will be appreciated.

There shouldn't be anything special about the letters A through F. You said you already looked manually through the CSV file and didn't notice any anomalies. That would be the obvious answer, but it's also possible this is a character set issue?

Do you know what character set your CSV file is in? Excel doesn't allow you to choose this, it tends to just be your system's default. Omeka generally expects things to be encoded in UTF-8.