CSV import field to BOTH tag and metadata field

I want to import certain columns in my CSV-data set to both a tag and a metadata field. But when I check the box for Tags? in the CSV-import form, the column only gets imported as a tag, not as a metadata field.

Anyone else has this problem? Or is it intentional behaviour?

I think that's working as (currently) intended.

As a workaround, you could duplicate the column in your CSV file.

OK. The CSV plugin documentations states "and/or tags." That's why I thought it should be possible import to both places.

I guess I have to duplicate my columns then, all 50 of them... Thank gods for Google Refine:)

Hi, I have been able to import both: as an element as and tag, but I had to use a earlier version of the CSVImport plugin because there were some problems with the Java which didnĀ“t pick up correctly the fields. Do some test with older versions to see if that help

Thank you danimon!
You are correct, I was able to get it to work using an older version of the plugin (1.3).

So its a bug in the newer plugins then, or documentation should be updated?

I've filed a ticket to fix this for the next version.

Thanks for the info!

Good to hear!
Thank you