CSV Import failing (php-cli issue)

I've been trying to get the CSV import working. In common with others, I have had some problems with the php-cli binary.

Having reviewed other users' experiences here in the forums, I have tried various things with respect to the path (background.php.path) setting but with no success. I'm in conversation with my hosting support and the last thing they asked me was...

"Are you attempting to run PHP from within another PHP script, by any chance? For example, with the use of "proc_open" or "exec"? If this is the case, this is disabled by default and you would need
to let us know which function(s) are being used to run the script, so that we can make an exception. "

Since the whole Omeka thing is a php object, I assume the use of php-cli *is* to run (further) php from within php, but I'm not sure in the way that my hosting support is suggesting.

Has anyone experienced php-cli issues that go beyond a simple path setting issue?

Thanks in advance


Yes, when you run a CSV Import with the default "background" job dispatcher, Omeka is "running PHP from within PHP." Specifically, background jobs get run with PHP's exec function.