CSV Import Error - even with the plugin's own csv file


I was preparing to import a large collection of items, so I decided to test CSV Import using test_automap_columns_to_elements.csv which comes with the plug-in.

The columns were automapped correctly, I checked "tags" and "files" in the appropriate rows and tried to import.

The import starts, but always ends in an import error.

I am running Omeka 2.1.1 on a Mac. Adding items and files manually works.

Where are the import errors logs? How can I troubleshoot this? Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

All best,

First, make sure that error reporting is turned on. Then, errors should be logged in application/logs/errors.log.


thanks, patrick.
it was a simple error -i had no valid collection selected.
all best,

ah yes. That's a bug that we're aware of, and will be fixed in a new release very soon. The code here might make that problem go away.