CSV Import: Database error while trying to upgrade

CSV Import shows the message:

"You have a new version of CSV Import. Please upgrade!"

After clicking the upgrade button it displays the error message:


Mysqli statement execute error : ALTER command denied to user 'diglibie_user'@'' for table 'diglibie_csv_import_imports'"

I am using Omeka version 2.2 (haven't upgraded to 2.2.2 yet) and the latest version of CSV Import.

That means that your mysql user hasn't been given the privilege to make changes to database structure. I'd check with the server admin that, along with CREATE, DELETE, and other mysql privileges, you also have ALTER.

If you can't get that privilege, an alternate route would be to completely uninstall the plugin then install the new one. You would lose the history of imports you have done, and so you wouldn't be able to undo them. But if that isn't an issue that should work, too.