CSV Import and PastPerfect?

I've got the CSV Import Plugin installed and working, but can seem to figure out how to properly export from PastPerfect to get everything I want. I realize for bringing along images, audio, and other multimedia I will need to also the dropbox plugin (which is also installed and working properly).
There must be some way to export everything nicely from PP, and then import using CSV Import and the Dropbox, but I can't quite figure out what it is. Help?!

We don't have PastPerfect running in-house here, so I can't walk you through the steps, but there is a way to export groups of records in CSV file format.

One thing to remember is that you can only import one item type at a time through the CSV importer.

Hi Shelia,
Thanks for your reply. I'll need to find someone else to help with tweaking the export from PastPerfect, but my question here is more how things will work once I get the export CSV files ready. How does the Dropbox plugin actually work with the CSV Import to bring along the associated media? I can import the content just fine, but getting the photos or audio to come along is really tripping me up.

CSV Import and the Dropbox plugin don't work together, though it might be useful if they did. In the meantime, you could do something with the CSV import, where one of the fields in your CSV file is a HTTP path to a specific file on your server. Then, upload all your files to a directory on your server (this can be anywhere accessible, not just the Dropbox plugin). When you first read the CSV file in the CSV Import plugin, you can choose that last field as "File" to associate that file to the item record.

Hope this helps!

Following up on what Jeremy said, you can associate more than one file per item by creating one column in your CSV file for each file.

For example, you may have a CSV file that has three files per item. In this case, you could use the following column names "file1", "file2" and "file3". For each column in each row, you would provide a valid http URL to the file you want to attach to the item. The CsvImport plugin will then download the file and attach it to the item.

Currently, CSV Import plugin cannot upload multiple files per column. We may need to improve the import process so that multiple files can be specified in a single column. This is not too hard, but it would require a delimiting character, like a comma. This would mean that none of the file names could have a comma.

can the CSV Import plugin handle making connections between relational data? For example, if there is a Film record in our database that maps to Moving Picture, but has a related Distributor record, is there a way to do this through the import mechanism?