CSV Import and Commas/Quoation Marks

The following instructions:

Check to see if any of the text contains commas, and if it does surround that segment with double-quotes.

So I formatted my subjects like this:

"""Bleeker, Barent""",Northern Inland Lock Navigation Company,"""Lansing, Jacob""",stock certificate,New York (State),Erie Canal

but as the following item reveals the import jumbles up the item tags:


Subjects are correct, but not tags. What might be happening?

Are the subjects above an example row in your csv file?

And you mapped this column to the Subject element, and checked the tags checkbox?

Yes the subjects above are from an example row in my csv file and I mapped this column to the subject elements and checked the tags checkbox.

I think this may be a bug. I'm looking into it.

Interestingly, when I save my excel file into a CSV it adds two sets of quotation marks around the subjects as in the following example from one of my items (should it work this way?):

New York (State),Erie Canal,Construction,Commissioners,Expenditures,Report,Western Inland Lock Navigation Company,"""Schuyler, Philip""","""Banyar, Goldsbrow""","""Watson, Elkanah"""

So after looking at it some more, I determined that the issue is not a bug, but a restriction on our data model. In Omeka, tags cannot have commas in them. Commas are delimiters. The restriction is not specific to the Csv Import plugin. For example, if you try to add '"Bleeker, Barent"' to a tag in the admin, it will add two tags: '"Bleeker' and 'Barent"'. This is what happens in the Csv Import plugin too. So in short, tags cannot have commas in them. If you will have to normalize your data. Instead of '"Bleeker, Barent"', you will have to have 'Barent Bleeker'.


How do you think this was built:


notice how:

Additional Creator(s)
Tharchin, G., 1890-1976

has commas and is Tagged/hyperlinked.

found at from Jason Kucsma from Metro that Kevin Reiss is developing an Omeka plugin that allows this functionality to happen.

Thank you.