CSV Import

Omeka says I imported 16 items (still images), but the images are not showing up. Data is there but no images. When I look at the website where the data is and click on the path (under File) I get: NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist.21532/archive/files/29da3a59b0572915bd83184cf04545d7.jpg617F0DA70563CD0AR03qzq/PgS97FEQ30HvaqkqmpgbIliAS3tp6pFO1aXSVtLc8Rsg1bbyqUiwOPvN1KPa3BAUT1Gw=

If the site is public, could you give a link to the item(s) where this happens?

And, what version of Omeka are you running?

I'm trying to use Omeka.net. Does it generally take a while for images to upload? I just looked and 14 out of the 16 I uploaded are there now. It's been about 3 hours since I ran the CSV upload. All of my images were well under the maximum file size.

Firstly: all questions about Omeka.net ought to go through the contact form - this forum is meant for hosted installs (given the difference in access to the files that make up the site).

Just to clarify: are the links you have for your files actual urls (with an http) or relative? (/archive/whatever)? Only the former (links with permanent urls to images available somewhere on the internet) will work.