CSV 2.0.3 import queued

I am trying to import a csv file, and the status is queued, so the import has not even started. I have read discussions of the same problem from 2 years ago, and did what was advised in terms of deactivating other plugins, etc. However, I am hesitant to make changes/additions to the code as those solutions might be dated by now. Could you please help me with the right direction here? Thanks!

First thing, if you haven't done it already based on the posts you've read, is to turn on error logging as described in Retrieving Error Messages. That might give some more details in the logs.

Also, just to double check, there are a couple different forks of CSV Import out there. Are you working with the RRCHNM version, or one of the others? Knowing details on that will also help.

The most common problem is with the PHP-CLI path set in application/config.ini. In your searches, did you see and/or try anything about that?

Thank you, patrickmj! It was indeed the problem with the PHP-CLI path. Solved!