CSS Error when upgrading to 1.3

After upgrading to 1.3, on Public View I'm getting the error:

Omeka Has Encountered an Error

Could not find file 'css/style.css'!

I'm guessing it has something to do with the theme. I'm using the Santa Fe one. Site is at: http://aphdigital.org/GVH/

Did you resolve this? The site seems fine now.


I couldn't get it to work in Public View so I reverted back to the 1.2.1 version, but now I have a problem with that, as the admin view is broken now:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function queue_css() in /home/pw1/public_html/GVH/admin/themes/default/common/header.php on line 11

The Public view that is up there now is not showing all the plugins, mainly the exhibits, that we have built.

I thought that upgrading would be as easy as last time, but this is proving to be a lot more complicated than I expected. Argh.

I think if you upgrade again to 1.3 it should be a pretty easy fix regarding the css file.

Just to check, did you back up your database before you upgraded to 1.3? You should do it again just to be safe.

I can do that. I did back the database up. I was concerned about 1.3 because we have a lot of exhibits done by students who used their own themes, are they going to work now?

Actually, there will be a small amount of work for the exhibits. 1.3 handles the exhibit themes differently. This page in the codex outlines the process.


If you were looking at an exhibit page when you got the initial error this could explain that.

Thanks. I've made the changes to all the exhibit themes files and directory structures and will give it a try.

The initial error was on launching the home page, not an exhibit page.

Success! It all seems to be working now. Thanks for your help!