Creating new layouts

Hi all - I really have a hard time with the documentation I am finding - hopefully someone has a more detailed link I can use. I am creating my own layouts for ExhibitBuilder 1.0 for use in Omeka 1.3.

I'm not exactly a php wizard - I can clunk along with it as long as I can understand what I am doing.

Anyway - are there any good links on how to do this? What the items mean? etc?

I am right now trying to create a layout and keep coming up with very bizarre results.

What I am trying to do is have two text records in the same record. So that I can have an image on the left, a transcript of that image on the right, the caption underneath the image and a large text field underneath all the above that contains a description of same.

No matter what I do, I seem to end up with the fact that the second text field is non-html and always overwrites the 1st text field. OR, the 2nd field sits underneath the 1st textfield.

Neither one works for what I need.

Any ideas?

Something like this should work for you.

Edit your form.php to:

<fieldset class="<?php echo $layout; ?>">
	    echo exhibit_builder_layout_form_item(1);
	    echo exhibit_builder_layout_form_text(1);
	    echo exhibit_builder_layout_form_text(2);

Then your layout.php should be something along the lines of:

<div class="text-image-left">
	<div class="primary">
		<?php if(exhibit_builder_use_exhibit_page_item(1)):?>
		<div class="exhibit-item">
			<?php echo exhibit_builder_exhibit_display_item(array('imageSize'=>'fullsize'), array('class'=>'permalink')); ?>
			<?php echo exhibit_builder_exhibit_display_caption(1); ?>
		<div class="exhibit-item-transcript">
		    <?php echo exhibit_builder_page_text(1); ?>
		<div class="exhibit-item-description">
		    <?php echo exhibit_builder_page_text(2); ?>
		<?php endif; ?>
	<div class="secondary">
		<div class="exhibit-text">

If you float .exhibit-item left and .exhibit-item-transcript right and then have .exhibit-item-description clear:both, you should get the effect you desire.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

That was exactly what I needed! You're a day-spent-banging-my-head-against-the-desk saver:)

Are there any themes that offer this as a standard option? If not, it'd be a very useful addition (i.e. choice of text/text, image/text, image/image side by side on one page).

No, but you can modify the files shown above if you would like to use a layout similar to what is described above.