Creating Custom Pages

I wonder if I could get a little theme help: I'd like to create a customized view for my theme.

Currently you can browse items in ../items/ and see tags in .../items/tags/

I can easily modify browse.php or show.php in my theme, but want to add a new view at something like:


However, I get "that is not a valid URL" - so something is preventing me from adding a new directory "table" with its own browse.php (index.php?) that outputs a customized loop that I have created.

It doesn't look like it is the .htaccess by can I get it to allow users to load a theme-specific view in a directory I create?

Thanks in advance.

I see, for example, that the Simple Page plugin allows me to create a page at a certain arbitrary location, and also allows PHP but: using this I cannot seem to access any of the regular Omeka theme calls here. If I "include" an appropriate function file, can I use this method for creating a customized loop view separate from the regular browse/show?

I appear to have gotten this to work when I abandoned the code of the browse.php as the base. For others who wish to do the same:

1) Create a 'Simple Page', with the plugin of that name.

2) Create your own loop using these instructions:

-Now I need to figure out who to grab a second and third page of returned items, offset appropriately. I'm not seeing that in the Theme API. Also trying to make this compatible with Sort Browse plugin.