Creating clickable url links in an Exhibit

I need to do two kinds of links in an exhibit but can't seem to do either

1) on my resources page in the Exhibit, I want to make the urls clickable so as to pop up a new window (ie without the person having to intuit they need to select the url and then right click and then they can get to the other site)

2) i was given code to link from one image to the copyrighted page of the originating website who hold the copyright (a requirement of using that image). For the image itself I have clicked the html button, and then clicked the little html on the title box and pasted in the code given to me by the site. I update and then save. But what gets saved is only the last half of the code which of course is rejected as not pointing to a valid website. I have tried every variation I can think of for doing this and nothing works.

1) You should be able to do this by clicking the Link button in the editor toolbar with the text you want to make into a link selected (the button looks like links of a chain). Alternatively, you could manually write an HTML link in the HTML editor.

2) What does the code you're trying to include look like, and what does it look like (the HTML) after you've saved it and it doesn't work?

Thank you. It worked a charm. In fact it worked so well, that I threw out the instructions from the other website and used this much simpler method to achieve their requirement of having the image link back to their website. Two problems solved with one simple explanation.