Costs to install omeka

My institution would like to know what the cost would be to install omeka (the high performance one) as soon as possible on our server.

Well, Omeka being free and open source, the simple answer is of course 0.

But in general software costs are more about the resources in person-time to maintain the software and install any plugins or themes.

My institution must determine the costs based on what they have available (Linux, etc) and what we would like to use in terms of plug-ins. Is this correct? My preference is to use a map creator like neatline but something a bit more interactive like hypercities at UCLA. Any other plugins to create 3-D simulations and use of GIS would also cost?


As Patrick mentioned above, the software, plugins, and themes available from are all free to download and use. You would have to price out server and labor costs.

I noticed that your institution belongs to NITLE, and they offer consultation services to their members:

You might want to contact them and talk through some of these issues with their team who can help you determine the goals for your project, plan out content, and then pick a platform and a budget that suits your requirements and needs.

Good luck.