"Corrections" Plugin Error

Really love the idea of this plugin! However, I am experiencing some minor difficulties with its add function.

1. Layout.
For some reason the layout on omeka/corrections/index/add/item_id/# is all messed up. Can't see any text fields or borders.

2. Undefined variable: captchaScript
Towards the end of the page, I get an undefined variable error:
captchaScript at
omeka\plugins\Corrections\views\public\index\add.php on line 80

I have added both Captcha keys in Omeka's (v2.3) security setup.

Thanks for your help!

Which theme are you using?

I am using stock Seasons/Autumn

Thanks...I should note that this is not an RRCHNM product, but one that I built as part of a side project, so it hasn't been part of the RRCHNM testing and release process.

I've lodged issues on the plugin's issue page

For #1, I've put in a fix to the styling. That looks like a quirk particular to that stylesheet for Seasons.

If you go into the plugins/Corrections/view/public/css/correction.css file and add this:

.autumn div textarea {
    background-color: white; !important

that should make the text fields visible.

For #2, that seems odd...maybe double-check that the keys are correct.