Corrections plug in

I added the corrections plugin, set it to allow almost all the fields to be edititable, but now I have no clue why it won't let "me" edit anything. As in I logged in incognito window, different email address and I can upload and contribute, but I can't edit anything else.

I am sure I am missing something really obvious here.

Any advice?

Could you give more details about which pages do, and do not, work as expected? In particular:

* item edit
* the corrections page from the link you configured

Also, if the link to corrections does not show up at all when you are not logged in, it's possible that the Captcha is not set up under Settings -> Security. As the plugin is currently designed, that's necessary.

I figured out the problem, I was missing it at the bottom of the page.

Is there a way to move it up to the top? Or hyperlink an image to make it more noticeable?

You're right, it doesn't really announce itself very strongly. I also notice that that's a chunk of code that I never really settled as I'd like.

There are a couple options for moving it and changing it.

Edit your theme's items/show.php page. You can insert this code whereever you want to show the link:

<?php echo CorrectionsPlugin::correctionLink($item, __('FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!'));  ?>

The 'FIX IT FIX IT FIX IT!' text should probably be changed to something else. I'm pretty sure that will accept HTML, so you could jazz it up with HTML elements or style that way.

I think you could also do

<?php echo CorrectionsPlugin::correctionLink($item));  ?>

And change the text in the configuration options for the plugin

Note that that approach will likely duplicate the link. Once where you insert that code, and once at the usual place at the bottom. The text at the usual bottom location will follow whatever text is in the plugin's configuration, so they could be different that way.

There are approaches available, but those seem the most direct. If that doesn't quite get what you need, we can work through the more in-depth possibilities.

I am fiddling with it, but I don't know that I am doing it right. It didn't move. I am going to try something else too.

Nevermind, I was editing the wrong theme.