Correct ImageMagick path, but not working

Hi there,

I've installed Omeka 2.0, and it's running fine except that it doesn't seem to be able to find ImageMagick. IM is installed on my server at /usr/local/ImageMagick/, and I've tried putting that in the config, or just /usr/local/, or /usr/local/ImageMagick/bin/ (both with and without trailing slash), the "test" consistently fails. It's IM 6.5.7, if it matters, and there appear to be two installations there (one directory is ImageMagick-6.5.7, the other just ImageMagick - again, not sure it matters). Any clue what might be happening?


So, if you try using ImageMagick with the full path from the command line, does it appear to run okay? This on the command line should do the same check that Omeka is doing

/usr/local/ImageMagick/convert -version

Does that return the correct version?