Copying Omeka database

We were using a single installation of Omeka for multiple users and are now separating those users into their own instances. In doing so we copied the original database, created a new one, then altered the db.ini files to point to the new database. All this is working fine and seems to have copied everything over.

However, one visible difference is the left navigation menu. I had configured our shared install to only show two options, the new one uses the default which shows all menu options. While this is easy enough to adjust, I'm wondering if this is an outward example of a larger underlying issue in the architecture. Is this just a small issue or does it point to something larger?

Thanks. That does sounds a little bit odd, if all the rest of the database -- which should include those navigation settings -- was copied over without issue.

The first thing that I'd guess as an explanation is, maybe there was some theme customization at some point that creates the difference?

It is customization at the theme level, but all the other customizations were retained. Weird.

Anything else I should be on the lookout for?

Huhm....if the customizations to the theme were carried over, could you give a quick summary of the customizations (or post up the code)? That seems like the most promising line of investigations at this point.

Actually let me clarify that by customization in this case I only mean we utilized the options within the theme and did not code any additional customization.

So under the Appearance tab everything but the selections we made under Navigation were copied over.
vs. the new one

Thanks for the clarification. That still seems weird that the settings didn't carry over. But if you try to redo those setting in Appearance, do they work out okay?

I can redo the settings and it works just fine. We're making a number of copies and the same thing happened on each. Seems to be no other issues so far.

Thanks. It's odd, but I don't think it reflects bigger problems. Those settings are in the public_navigation_main row of the options table. Sounds like somehow either that row isn't being duplicated correctly, or something in the process of setting up the new site overwrites them.

If the rest of the database is coming through okay, it probably isn't an issue, at least without other similar oddities. If there are other options, like theme settings or plugin configurations, that might be another story, and a place to check for other problems.